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We’re so excited for our fifth annual performance at the Strand Theatre in Boston this Friday! Check out this sneak peak at what’s to come. #BBStrand

To learn more, visit http://www.bostonballet.org/strandtheatre.html

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Harald Lander’s Études premiered in 1948 with the Royal Danish Ballet. Still considered one of the most famous Danish works in classical repertoire, this one-act ballet has been referred to as an “homage to classical ballet training.” The piece explores the development of a classical ballet class, highlighting dancers’ commitment and intensity in the rehearsal studio and concluding with a brilliant grand finale.

Études can be seen in Boston Ballet’s performances of Pricked May 8-18, 2014 at the Boston Opera House.

For more information, visit www.bostonballet.org

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An Alumni Weekend Reflection

Soloist Bradley Schlagheck shares some of his thoughts on Boston Ballet’s 50th Anniversary Alumni Weekend. 

What an AMAZING weekend! Having Boston Ballet Alumni’s energy in the audience was everything. Seeing the past and present Artistic Directors talk about this company and chatting with former company members who I learned so much from during my summer programs here was so inspiring.

To my BB family: just like those who came before us, we will always be family. Throughout the shows this weekend, I saw many of my closest become Cinderella, or the Prince, the Jester, a Season, or one of many Stars. But no matter the role, it was truly a much needed breath of pride and love for you all. We ARE Boston Ballet. The struggles we share on and off stage are equal to the laughs and smiles we have between all of that. And not too long from now, we’re all going to be sitting in that audience, no longer dancers, chattering away and laughing as we watch much younger dancers who have stepped into our shoes. But for now, I’m happy to live and grow with all of you, making memories to last forever, and making this beautiful thing we do something to treasure.

-Bradley Schlagheck, Boston Ballet Soloist

Photo by Ernesto Galan

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#TransformationTuesday In Sir Frederick Ashton’s Cinderella, the ugly step sisters are actually played by men! #pantomime 

Happy St. Patrick’s Day from Boston Ballet! Don’t miss George Balanchine’s Jewels opening later this season, May 22-June 1. http://bit.ly/1eLi85F 
Boston Ballet’s Emeralds ©The George Balanchine Trust. Photo by Gene Schiavone. #Jewels2014 
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Happy St. Patrick’s Day from Boston Ballet! Don’t miss George Balanchine’s Jewels opening later this season, May 22-June 1. http://bit.ly/1eLi85F

Boston Ballet’s Emeralds ©The George Balanchine Trust. Photo by Gene Schiavone. #Jewels2014 

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We are so excited to see Cinderella’s Grand Entrance tonight!

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In the spirit of the season, we asked our dancers to share photos of themselves with a very special someone. Enjoy these adorable shots of our company members with their loving, fluffy friends! 

Click on each image to find out the names of the dancer and pet photographed. 

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Enjoy Principal Dancer Erica Cornejo’s thoughts on Jiří Kylián’s Bella Figura, which returns the stage February 20-March 2 at the Boston Opera House.

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In preparation for Boston Ballet’s upcoming production, Close to Chuck, we sat down to discuss the vision for the headlining ballet, C. to C. (Close to Chuck) with Resident Choreographer, Jorma Elo. Featuring the paintings and creative input of artist Chuck Close, along with Philip Glass’ Musical Portrait of Chuck Close, Elo’s C. to C. (Close to Chuck) paints the picture of overcoming physical limitations to get back to the things that you love. 

“Every ballet is a fresh new start. It’s a jump into the unknown, a beautiful unknown lake” says Elo. “I made the ballet and it was titled C. to C (Close to Chuck). It was my ode to this artist that I admire and I’m in awe of him. That’s where it started.” The vision of this ballet is to value the “little seconds of life that can change the whole entire picture.”

Chuck Close is an artist renowned for his highly inventive techniques of painting the human face, and is best known for his large-scale, photo-based portrait paintings. In 1988, Close was paralyzed following a rare spinal artery collapse; he continues to paint using a brush-holding device strapped to his wrist and forearm. His practice extends beyond painting to encompass printmaking, photography, and most recently, tapestries based on Polaroids. [Source: www.pacegallery.com]

Conceptually, every aspect of C. to C. (Close to Chuck) ties back to the idea of limitations. From the costume design by Ralph Rucci whose skirts symbolize “what can limit us physically and what kind of challenges in age or severe accidents in your life that cause you to lose the ability to use your body like you would like to.” Using Chuck Close’s paintings as the set design, Elo combines these concepts together with Philip Glass’ music and his choreography to create a powerful piece. Elo says “I’m not telling a story that [the audience] can read like a book, but I think they will take that trip of understanding my point of view for this project.”

Close to Chuck will open at The Boston Opera House on February 20, 2014 and will run until March 2, 2014. Tickets can be purchased online at www.bostonballet.org, by phone at 617.695.6955, or in person at the box office at 19 Clarendon Street, Boston, Mon-Fri, 9:30am-5pm.

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Congratulations to all of our dancers on a spectacular run of Mikko Nissinen’s The Nutcracker! Here are some of our favorite moments from the production, taken by Gene Schiavone.